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As a leadership consultant, one of the main areas I work with my clients is helping them become highly effective decision-makers.

My definition of a highly effective decision-maker is being 100% willing to hold yourself responsible for your circumstances, and fully accountable for your progress towards the results you desire.

To assess how effective a decision maker you are, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 on the questions below (where 5 is a key strength): 

Do you:  

1. Take 100% responsibility from where you are starting from?

2. Take 100% accountability for your progress towards the results you desire?

3. Invite candid feedback about your own performance?

4. Avoid wasting time and energy on things you cannot control or influence?

5. Own your circumstances and results, even when they seem less than desirable?

If you scored less than 15, take a good look at how much of an effective decision maker you!