Client Results

Mark Donovan & Associates has helped some of Ireland ‘s top companies deliver great results. Find out more about how we work alongside senior managers to achieve substantial improvements to long-term performance through our client success stories.

UPC – ‘Above & Beyond What We Have Done in the Past’

mark-donovan-clients-upc_logoThis project’s aim was to deliver tangible improvement in all areas of the business through effective management of staff by reviewing the key challenges to the business and working with the management team to put solutions in place to deal with these:


  • Achieve above and beyond what they have done in the past
  • Develop the capabilities and performance of senior management team and their direct reports
  • Effectively manage poor performance and ‘raise the bar’

Cadburys Gumbase – ‘Driving Continuous Improvement’ project

mark-donovan-clients-cadbury_logoThe value of achieving the objectives of this project to Cadburys included:



  • Higher proportion of key resource time and energy spent on key aspects of the business and less on internal strife and battles
  • More senior management time freed up to focus on key long-term performance of the business
  • Higher productivity of personnel at all levels
  • Increased energy and creativity devoted to profit-generating activities
  • Improvement in the working relationship and trust within the Management team
  • Clearer understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the Management team
  • Improved results in the staff audit
  • A stronger Management team that is truly driving the business
  • Improved morale within the management team

 Thorntons Recycling: ‘positioning the business for the challenges in 2010 & beyond’

mark-donovan-clients-thorntons_logoThe value of achieving the objectives of this project to Thorntons included:



  • Business much more aligned to the customer needs
  • Structure of the business changed to meet the new business challenges
  • Clear roles & responsibilities defined for all key managers in the business
  • Projects launched that will ensure the business is at the ‘leading edge’ in the industry
  • Culture of innovation implemented within the business
  • Key business leaders aligned towards taking the business ‘to the next level’

Dublin City Council: ‘Improve the communication structures across different levels of the organisation’

The value of achieving the objectives of this project to Dublin City Council included:

  • Raised the performance level of the section
  • Communication structures now in place that enhance higher performance and productivity
  • Increased motivation within the team
  • Developed a culture of innovation

Swift Fine Foods: ‘ grow the business & reduce the controllable costs’

mark-donovan-clients-swift_logoThe key aim of this programme is to equip the managers organization with the skills and tools to grow the business and reduce the controllable costs.



  • Business positioned to deal with the key though economic challenges
  • Improved communication framework leading to higher staff performance
  • Performance management system implemented which has lead to staff objectives more aligned to the key business objectives
  • Greater employee commitment and confidence across the business