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Why do most of us get promoted into leadership positions? 

The number one reason is, we are good at doing things!

Or as I like to put it, we are good rowers. 

But when we do get promoted,  we get the extra 4.75 Euro a week before tax. 

What do we now feel we need to do? 

Row faster?

But, what is the impact of rowing faster and faster? 

Exhaustion, stress, and burnout. 

So what’s the alternative?

As a leader, we need to become more of a steerer. 

That is getting other people to do the jobs. 

Action for this week: 

List the main tasks you are now doing or the tasks for which you are responsible?

Then consider the following questions. 

1. Is there someone, who, while doing the task slightly different from you, or in slightly more time, can still achieve an acceptable level of performance?

2. Is there someone who is paid less than you, who can do the task satisfactorily, thus lowering the cost of performance?

3. Is there someone who will benefit, in terms of his / her personal development?

Now, look at what you can delegate.

A good leader never puts off until tomorrow, what they can get someone else to do today!

Are you a rower or are you a steerer?