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In my work as a Leadership consultant, I come across three types of leaders.

The 1st type are ‘WELL POISONERS’, leaders that are always looking to blame someone else.

The type of leader, that when they walk out of a room, the room lights up.

Their staff or colleagues don’t trust them.

Some of these leaders make Hans Christian Anderson, sound like a factual reporter!

They treat people rudely and aggressively and get the ‘reward’ of low engagement and high turnover.

The 2nd type of leader I come across, are ‘WELL WISHERS’, leaders who are paralyzed in the security of the past.

Leaders who are coasting on the fumes of previous success.

They tell me they have 20 years of experience, when what they really have, is 1 years experience 20 times over.

Leaders who are submissive with their staff, and get the ‘reward’ of underperformance.

The 3rd group of Leaders I come across are WELL DIGGERS.

Leaders who believe, their business success in the future, is based on the assertive actions they take today.

Leaders who continuously ask themselves, “if I was the purchaser of my own services for the past year, would I be satisfied with my purchase?”.

Leaders that realize, the only job security today is the customer, and when the customer is the only source of security, then this security has to be continuously re-earned.

Are you leading like a well poisoner, a well-wisher or a well digger?