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As a leadership consultant, one of the main areas that I work with my clients is in helping them become highly effective decision-makers.

My definition of a highly effective decision-maker is being 100% willing to hold yourself responsible for your circumstances and fully accountable for your progress towards the results you desire.

Are you an effective decision maker?

Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5 on the following (where 5 is a key strength) 

  • Taking 100% responsibility from where you are starting from?
  • Taking 100% accountability for your progress towards the results you desire?
  • Inviting candid feedback about your own performance?
  • Not wasting time or energy on things you cannot control or influence?
  • Owning your circumstances and results, even when they seem less than desirable?
  • Recognizing if you are dropping into the victim cycle and avoiding this?
  • Being a continuous self developer?
  • Having a strong personal brand?
  • Willing to fail and learn from this?
  • How do I do this?
    1. Help them define how success for them will be measured
    2. Ensure they have a relentless focus on these key priorities
    3. Hold them to be accountable on what they have agreed to do
    4. Be candid with them – I will highlight attitudes or behaviours that may be limiting their performance or productivity