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We will never accomplish anything unless we start taking control of our own future.

The key is self-responsibility, we can’t do this until we first develop an understanding of the victim cycle. 

Think about it, do you have an attitude of always denying that it’s your responsibility, blaming others for your own circumstances, and expecting someone else to get you off the hook?

Today, from coast to coast we have a stampede away from self-responsibility. 

We have a raft of people arguing that individuals are just helpless over their circumstances and don’t have a choice over their destiny. 

That’s nonsense, unchecked, such nonsense will continue to drain people of any sense of individual or joint accountability. 

That is a tragedy!

A society full of victims is a bunch of people who have a free pass not to take self-responsibility for their actions or circumstances. 

Self-responsibility is an attitude of continually asking, “what else can I do to rise above my circumstances and achieve the results I desire?” 

It is the process of “looking in the mirror”, “accepting self-responsibility”, “taking action” and “following through”…

Are you in the victim cycle?