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My mother told me a story once which I feel is apt for these strange and challenging times we sometimes live in.

My brother and I were going off to school one morning when my mother said to my father as he was also leaving for work. “I feel sorry for the boys having to go out in such cold weather”.

My father immediately rebuked her.

“Do they have a warm coat and a good pair of dry walking shoes”?

My mother said, “of course”.

“Have they had a hearty breakfast to set them up for the day?”.

Again my mother answered, “yes, but of course”.

“Have they a healthy lunch with them, which will sustain them for the day?”

My father grew up in abject poverty in the inner city in Dublin.

He taught us the habit of counting your blessings, not your troubles each morning.

What blessings do you have that you may be taking for granted?