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Worry is like a rocking chair, It keeps us moving but it gets us nowhere. 

Is today just another day to get through, while we wait and worry for this to end? 

What if you saw some opportunity in this?

We always have choices. In how we react to adverse situations in our lives 

We have the choice to use this time, that many of us now have, to do the things that we have put off 

Volunteer to help in some way, or not to 

Work out a plan for our next career move, or not to 

Develop new products for our customers, or not to  

Work on our own personal development, or not to 

Spend quality time with our significant others, or not to 

Is today just another day to get through?

In the winter the fisherman repairs his sails

Wishing you and yours good health, peace of mind and a quick end to this.