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Mark Donovan’s High-Performance Development Programme 2023

“Of all the courses, training and development that I’ve done in the last 30 years, this programme was the most relevant and interesting. But most importantly it had an immediate impact on my productivity, my motivation, my creativity and my confidence”, feedback from a programme participant.

If you are ready to transform yourself and take your career to a new level, ready to lead and contribute in a whole new way. This is the programme for you.

Aim of the programme:

In today’s fast-changing business world, simply working harder will not be enough. Relying solely on your functional skills and expertise will no longer be enough. Even accumulating more years of experience will not be enough.
I’m going to provide a programme which will be high-energy, candid, practical and inspirational in four key areas:

1. Personal Best: how to magnify your strengths and reach new levels of confidence

2. Interpersonal Best: how to deal more effectively with conflict and sharpen your influence

3. Professional Best: how to polish your image and increase your appeal to customers, staff and other key stakeholders

4. Big Stretch: how to change through personal accountability, discipline, and resolve

This programme will:  

1) Transform you from being a ‘competent’ employee/manager/business owner to a sought-after, difficult-to-replace talent  

2) Give you the tools to do your job more effectively and accomplish more with less stress

3) Discover hidden opportunities to grow, get promoted and achieve more in life 

4) Help you prosper in fast-changing times 

5) Improve the value-added contribution of your team or department 

6) Maximise your productivity on a daily basis 

7) Develop an attitude of ‘healthy selfishness’ 

8) Build a powerful personal Brand  

9) Build Resolve- this is more than accountability and discipline. It is that set of learnable skills and  behaviours which provide for growth, sustained improvement, and acceleration 

10) Return to work with a dynamic, exciting and new performance skills toolbox

Areas we will be covering: 

What will make you an effective and memorable leader 

Recognizing our strengths and areas for development  

Building confidence and self-esteem 

Being liked versus being respected 

Developing your personal brand 

Effective performance evaluation and feedback 

Communication skills that will influence and get results 

Holding up the mirror – knowing who I am and how others perceive me  

Presentation influencing skills 

Delegation – moving from a rower to a steerer!

Avoiding the ‘ostrich effect’- dealing with under-performing and difficult staff 

Managing upwards  

Put your own oxygen mask on first – techniques for dealing with pressure and stress ‘Listen to the whispers and you won’t have to listen to the screams’ – effective ones to ones

Timing & Venue: Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport.

Start date: Group session 1: Thursday 2nd March

Group session 2: Thursday 30th March
Group session 3: Friday 28th April
Group session 4: Thursday 25th May
Group session 5: Thursday 22nd June

Investment: 1,500 Euro per participant 

Comments from Previous Programme Participants:

“This was the most influential course I’ve attended to date”, Melissa Finneran, Manager, Allied Irish  Banks (A.I.B.) 

“Would recommend this programme to others, Mark is an excellent support to any organisation, he really  takes the time to get to know the individuals and identify and deal with their skills gaps”, Diane Hogarty, Cadburys 

“This programme has changed my management approach significantly for the better”, Colum Colbert,  Manager, Paddy Power 

“Very effective took me out of my comfort zone, really built my skills to handle my business challenges more  effectively”, Clodagh Strahan, Manager Virgin Media 

“Course was brilliant, Mark has given me the tools to handle the key situations I will come across in the workplace. I have no hesitation in telling my employers how successful the course has been”, Colin Daly,  Manager Intra Snack Foods (Tayto) 

  “Really appreciate the time you took to ‘coax me’ to do the programme as it was an excellent investment for  me and my business,” Donal Mc Grath, Director, MCG Consulting  

“Highly satisfied, an excellent approach to developing my key leadership skills”, Campbell Scott,  Manager Virgin Media 

“Mark used his excellent consulting skills to help us create a new agenda that will drive significantly higher  levels of performance for the business “, Gary Brady, Managing Director, Thornton’s Re-Cycling