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When working with my clients, I am always extremely accessible to them.

I am open to taking their calls outside of the main days I am working with them.

If there is an emergency or crisis, I am open to taking their call on weekends or bank holidays.

I sometimes get a call from a client three years after I have worked with them,

“Mark, I have an issue and would love to run something by you, if that’s ok?”.

I always assumed that all high-level professionals do this.

In my 20 years of working as a leadership expert, not one client ever abused that accessibility.

It was only much later in my consulting career while doing a review of my personal brand and value proposition with my long-term clients that they told me, “Mark, one key reason why we have always got so much value from our work with you is, that you were always so accessible when we needed you. We knew that you genuinely cared for us and our success”.

People help people they care about.

And people care about people who care.

Are you caring for the right people in your life?