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One of the most important value-added areas that I work with my clients today is in helping them develop their own personal brand.

Or as I prefer the put it, helping them define, ‘what do you get when you get me?’

A personal brand is not a goal to be achieved, it is a commitment to live a certain way.

It requires a continuous deliberate effort. 

The process never ends.

Be conscious every day of what you are building, this alone will set you apart from 99% of people you will meet in organizational life. 

Every day, we are selling through the things we do, the words we choose, the way we treat other people, and the way we look.

Developing a personal brand gives us:

  1. the confidence that comes from understanding what makes us tick
  2. the confidence that comes from defining who we are and what we have to offer
  3. that confidence that comes from believing in that so we can just be ourselves
  4. the confidence that comes from understanding how others see us 
  5. the confidence that comes from accepting not everyone will buy our brand

What is your personal brand? or what do people get when they get you?