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In school, we are taught the merit system, that’s the system that claims the world rewards us according to how much ability we have and how hard we work.

But alas, your school, my school, and all schools are wrong about that.

The world rewards us not according to how capable we are, but how well we sell ourselves.

One of the most important value-added areas, I work with my clients today is in helping them develop their personal brand.

Or as I prefer the put it, helping them define, ‘what do you get when you get me?’

Personal branding is not an option! The reality is we are all branded by other people whether we like it or not.

It can’t be avoided. It just depends on whether we proactively create our own brand or leave it to chance and are branded by others.

In other words, ‘brand or be branded.’ If we don’t, then other people will do this for us and we might not like what they choose!

Moving forward, ask yourself the question, ‘what do you want people to get when they get you?’

And what are you doing about making this REAL?