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Leaders basically prioritize their time on three categories of items.

Category 1:  What they find comfortable and enjoyable to do – even though one of their team could probably look after these activities well enough and would get development in doing them.

Category 2:  What is presented to them and demands their immediate attention i.e. emails, meetings, other people’s priorities and invalid interruptions.

Category 3: What will bring them long term success and maybe hard work that will bring them out of their comfort zones i.e. building key stakeholder relationships, culture implementation, new business development and continued self-development.

Many leaders allow their lives to be dominated by categories one and two.

Conduct a little exercise with yourself. Have a look at your diary over the last three months and look at what time you have actually spent in category 3?

If this does not amount to 40% or more of your time then you are not really serious about your goals.
That is also the message you are sending out to everyone else who is looking on.

You will be astounded by the results!!