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If we step back today, we’ll discover that we’re still in control of our lives. 

We still have the power to create significant positive change. 

When we are faced with any situation we always have two choices………

  1. Accept the situation as it is, or,
  2. Take self-responsibility for changing the part that we can influence 

In OUR current predicament, we have no choice, but to accept the situation as it is 

But we also have the choice to take self-responsibility for the one person we can change.  

Most people do neither, they moan, complain, or they blame other people, 

As if voicing this will miraculously change their situation. 

What are the odds of that happening? 

I know from first-hand experience, it is a lot easier to preach about self-responsibility than it is to practice it. 

But who is the only person you can change and what are you doing about this today to make yourself ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead